Mercedes won’t buy you class: Luxury car driver speeds through barrier to avoid paying toll

Well, well – trash comes disguised in many forms: Sometimes it’s that plastic straw you get with your iced coffee (just say no!), and other times it’s embodied in human form, bum-rushing the toll booth barrier behind you so that they don’t have to pay the RM2.50 (US$0.75) fee.

Which will we encounter today?! Spoiler alert: It’s the latter.

Facebook page of bike tricks and cost of nasi padang grievances, We Are Malaysians, carried a rear-window dash-cam video clip of a Mercedes driver tailgating their way through a Touch-n-Go barrier so that they could avoid paying, successfully going through, and then driving off into the distance.

As per the video’s time stamp, the event occurred on October 4. It’s not clear which road the incident occurred on.

The impressive driving prowess of speed, agility, and next-level frugality over the span of seven seconds has impressed netziens at the efforts that a driver would go through to avoid paying a couple bucks to drive on a toll road, but not exactly in the most positive light.


Conclusion: Poyo enough to drive a Merc, but so kedekut cannot even pay the toll. SHADE.

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