Don’t cry over spilt beer: Jamal Yunos is now in jail

Great ad for a beer festival
Great ad for a beer festival

After yesterday’s beer-smashing antics in the hot morning sun Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos has now found himself arrested, according to The Star.

Seems like taking crates of beer bottles to the Selangor state government building, breaking said beer bottles, and leaving the glass for others to clean up is illegal.

The stunt was in protest of an already canceled beer fest. You cannot get more syok sendiri if you tried.

Selangor police say that Jamal was picked up along with seven of his merry men at 1:45am this morning. They currently sit in Shah Alam, awaiting their charges.

Turns out there were several complaints filed against yesterday’s lavish “protest” of beer-letting – a waste not seen since uppity Yanks dumped perfectly good tea into Boston harbor, initiating the Boston Tea Party (not an actual party), starting a series of events that would end with independence and the eventual presidential election of a TV reality star. Wink.

We digress.

Jamal is now being investigated under Section 143 of the Penal Code for unlawful assembly, and Section 268 for public nuisance.

The charges could amount to a six-month jail term, if found guilty, or a fine. Or both!

In the meantime, SAY NO to beer waste. And broken glass.

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