‘Datuk’ accused of molesting the Subang hospital nurse treating him

Don’t grope the staff. They are here to help you.

A man claiming to be a Datuk was arrested by police after groping a 19-year-old nurse at a Subang Jaya hospital.

Selangor police elaborated to Free Malaysia Today that he is the CEO of a major real estate and investment company.

The nurse alleges that at 7:30pm Friday, the man, who was in a hospital ward and receiving treatment, grabbed her bum and breasts. He also kissed her on the cheek. Ew.

Sorry dude, but nowadays we call all of that sexual assault, and Syou go to jail for it.

He is now in police remand for four days while they investigate.

The incident comes a week after a 26-year-old doctor in Melaka suffered from post-traumatic stress after being molested while at work.

On September 3, she claims a patient who she was treating in the emergency and trauma department of the hospital sexually assaulted her, as she was trying to help him.

She has since been receiving treatment for the after-effects of the incident.

Melaka Health Department director, Dr Ghazali Othman was you to know that the accused patient was a drug addict.

Yeah, sorry. Still angry.

Protect your employees.

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