Dato’ Vida has a new perfume out and it smells like rich people, peasants

Fill it up
Fill it up

Your girl, Dato’ Seri Hasmiza Othman, aka Dr Vida, aka Malaysia’s most important pop cultural icon right now, has a new perfume and it’s called DIVA. Of course it is.

She’s launching it in conjunction with her hit single I am Me, and you can buy it at RM100, about US$24, for two bottles.

Or as a free gift if you spend enough money on her Q-Puteh, that may or may not make you stupid via mercury poisoning.

What does it smell like? She says it smells like rich people. What else, peasants?

Ahh… the sweet lingering odors of unaffordable cherries, and being able to buy your own football team. All laced with a hint of the sweat of everyone that you have around working for you.

It smells like success.

She sprays it everywhere apparently. All over her body. Her clothes. Even her bathroom.

It wouldn’t be Dr Vida if the perfume launch wasn’t over the top. And who needs an ad, when you can upload a video of yourself, spraying the perfume all over your baju, in a tub filled to the brim with MONAAAAAY. 

Also, Jakarta she may or may not be touring in your city soon. Sorry, between her Kelantanese slang and an accent thicker than her wads of cash, I didn’t peep when.

Step aside Mariah, we have a new diva.


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