Clapback King: Sultan’s lawyers say Russian ex-wife was given money, a Porsche, and Cartier jewels among other gifts

Following sensational claims from his former wife that her ex-husband, Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan, had stopped communicating with her in her fourth month of pregnancy and offered no financial assistance towards the birth of their son Leon Ismail, lawyers representing the monarch have hit back at her allegations.

Legal representatives from the Singapore-based Eversheds Harry Elias have today denied that the Sultan abandoned Oksana Voevodina, leaving her penniless.

Instead, they claim that Oksana “left on her own accord to return to Russia.” The law firm stopped short of offering a timeline of exactly when the events happened. They added that Sultan Muhammad V offered her a “significant and generous sum of money” to cover living expenses and subsequent medical bills, hoping the payout would “preserve and protect his privacy.”

Well, as it were the proverbial hush-money wasn’t enough for Oksana, and his lawyers say she rejected the offer as “a UK tabloid was prepared to pay handsomely for her story.”

During their brief union, they added that she was also gifted US$20,000 (RM80,000), a Porsche Cayenne, an engagement ring from Jacob Arabo (designed to look just like Victoria Beckham’s ring, y’all!), and other jewelry from Cartier.

Earlier this week, Oksana told the Daily Mail that she pawned the engagement ring for far below its value to cover her medical expenses at a Swiss hospital where she gave birth to her son.

She has since alleged that the Sultan has been incommunicado with both her, and their shared son.

Oh, PS — he asked for a DNA test to find out if it was 100% his baby. She has refused to submit to this request, but has said that the baby looks just like him.

Sultan Muhammad V married Oksana Voevodina in a Moscow ceremony last year, without the knowledge of the Malaysian taxpayer, who had previously been informed that he was taking sick leave from his role as Agong.

When a Russian tabloid leaked pictures of their lavish wedding, even Prime Minister Mahathir claimed he was in the dark over the Sultan’s actions.

Oksana’s active social media account showed that she was pregnant with the couple’s first child, and by January of this year, Sultan Muhammad V sensationally stepped down, halfway through his tenure as Agong (a rotating role between Sultanates).

However, this was not to be the last bombshell from the Sultan of the northeastern state of Kelantan, best known for being Malaysia’s most religiously conservative state, with Sharia Law in place, where men are regularly ticketed for wearing shorts and food outlets are docked points if their workers are not covered enough.

Nope – shortly after the birth of their son, rumors swirled that the Sultan had divorced the Russian beauty queen slash reality tv star by talak. At the time, she claimed to have no knowledge of the dissolution of their marriage.

That about brings us up to the present, where things have devolved into selling stories to the reigning kings of the tabloid journalism garbage pile, Daily Mail.

Your move, Oksana. You’ve been threatening to release juicier details of your marriage to the Sultan – seems like the time is nigh, girl! It’s almost Friday, and this has been a great mid-week distraction.

Toodles, Coconauts. XO XO.

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