Choking chickens: Veterinary department reportedly investigating rooster strangling clip

A noble, unrelated bird — crossing the road probably because some foo’ trying to choke him
A noble, unrelated bird — crossing the road probably because some foo’ trying to choke him

Veterinary Services have been reportedly called in to investigate a short video that began making the rounds on social media over the weekend, that consisted of a young man choking a live chicken while his mates watched on.

Yes, we’ve strayed so far from the proverbial light, that folks out there are strangling animals for shits and giggles.

Click with caution: It’s a pretty distressing scene:

While the clip lasted less than 15 seconds, the time lasted long enough to capture the suspects faces as they appear to cause cruel suffering to the poor rooster. While there is no indication when the incident occurred, it was posted on Saturday, and was reportedly shot in the Dungun area of Terengganu, on Malaysia’s east coast.

An official from the state’s Veterinary Department confirmed that they had seen the video, and were now investigating the matter and identifying the suspects involved. They have also asked members of the public to share any relevant information they may have on the individuals involved.

State officials also clarified that there were processes to follow when slaughtering animals, and that filming and beating them were not in line with these guidelines.

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2015, a cruel act on a living creature can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, with a fine of up to RM20,000 (US4,000), or three years in jail – or both!

And on that note, we’re having a vegetarian dinner and seriously considering our lifestyle choices.

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