Chef Wan Instagrams dessert from Korean Ambassador’s house, says it looks like a penis, tastes of green tea ice cream and is delicious

What does it look like to you? via @chefwan58 Instagram
What does it look like to you? via @chefwan58 Instagram

Chef Wan, he of insurmountable Malaysian food television fame, has taken to social media like a fish to a ginger and lemongrass broth. That is to say, quick, easy and sedaaaap!

Earlier this year, he boldly went where mostly reality television stars, and that over-sharing girl you went to school with, have gone before, and aired his daughter’s dirty marriage laundry for all of Malaysia to see.

FYI: her husband is allegedly “a cheap f*cking bastard” according to Chef Wan. Also, they’re getting a divorce.

Last week, Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, as he is formally known, found himself the guest at a high society dinner hosted by the South Korean Ambassador. The swivel-hipped, straight-shooter posted a photo of the dessert served, a green figure, and shared an exchange between him and another guest:

“Look very sacred pun ya. The chef is so brilliant! The Dato across me asked me jugak … what is your interpretation of this Chef Wan?

“I whisper to him discreetly I think it’s a Korean Penis Head!”

Turns out it was modeled after a god of fertility.

There you have it. He may mince onions, but he doesn’t mince his words.

Korean desserts are shaped like dick-tips, and apparently taste of green tea ice cream. In case you were wondering, to quote: “Sedap pulak tu” (It was delicious).

What does it look like to you? via @chefwan58 Instagram


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