Big Kick Energy: Local APU student downs ‘bully’ international student in viral video

Video screengrabs grom Twitter/@FunnyWorld1313
Video screengrabs grom Twitter/@FunnyWorld1313

In a recent social media sensation, a video capturing a kickboxing showdown between two students from the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) in Sri Petaling has set the internet abuzz.

The skirmish, seemingly triggered by provocation, unfolded in the university’s bustling atrium, with both participants donned in kickboxing attire, drawing a crowd of onlookers.

One of the contenders, a student hailing from East Malaysia, clad in black shorts, was seen relentlessly pursuing what appeared to be an international student. As blows were exchanged, the foreign student, dressed in white shorts, found himself pleading for respite after being knocked down repeatedly. Astonishingly, the combat persisted even in the face of such appeals.

During the encounter, the local student seemed to impart a moral lesson to his opponent, emphasizing a message throughout the tussle. Reports suggest that this clash was instigated by the foreign student, who had provoked the local student beforehand.

Notably, after seemingly emerging victorious, the local student issued a stern warning to his adversary. He disclosed troubling allegations regarding the foreign student, including a history of bullying, extorting money from fellow APU students, and causing disturbances while inebriated.

The video captured the foreign student sporting a bleeding nose, with traces of blood on the mat beneath them. Surprisingly, most netizens rallied behind the actions of the local student, supporting his stance during the altercation.


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