Big Foot lurking in Kelantan, knows villagers by name

Photo by JD Hancock
Photo by JD Hancock

Villagers in Bachok, Kelantan have been rushing home after dark, and staying there until morning after recent whisperings of not one, but two Big Foot-like creatures lurking in the shadows. Sinar Harian reports that the creatures call out the names of villagers at dusk. Those who unknowingly respond then suffer from fevers for weeks on end.

Fifty-year old resident Zubaidah Abdullah, was the first to speak of the creatures. She told reporters that she often dreams of two six-foot monkey-like creatures which would come out of a big tree behind her mother’s house. She says that her siblings have experienced the phenomenon as well.

“I was shocked that I could communicate with them. Sometimes I felt like they were sleeping next to me,” she said. She would recite religious verses to chase them away. A bomoh has been dispatched to look into the matter.

This is not the first time Big Foot has been spotted in Malaysia. Three years ago, villagers were thrown into a panic after spotting large, unidentifiable paw tracks. National Geographic television producers were even dispatched to the area; however, their team was left disappointed after the tracks were not as big as they appeared in photos.




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