Actress tells her side of the story, apologises for naming and shaming MAS stewardess

After coming under heavy fire for naming and shaming a stewardess for refusing to help carry her bag last week, local actress Fathia Latiff finally came out of hiding to tell her side of the story.

The 29-year-old actress admitted to Malay daily Berita Harian that she felt offended after the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight attendant refused to help her put her luggage in the overhead compartment, citing a backache.

At the time, Fathia said, she and her personal assistant were carrying flowers and hampers from fans she met at an event in Johor Baru.

She told the daily that she did not check in the items because they are fragile and she did not want to offend her fans.

So instead, she thought it was okay to offend a cabin crew? We don’t get it.

“I asked her nicely but I felt agitated by her response. I tweeted a picture of the flight attendant with advice to rest if she did not feel well,” she was quoted as saying.

Photo: Screenshot from Twitter

However, Fathia immediately deleted the tweet after it went viral – and probably after an onslaught of negative comments she received from Netizens.

The ‘Ariana Rose’ actress added that she regretted her actions and has issued an apology to the poor flight attendant.

Well, if she had only said sorry in the first place…

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