Number Two Crew: Police arrest bandits whose house break-ins included leaving behind poop

via Free Stock Photo
via Free Stock Photo

Residents of the Rawang area can rest easy tonight: Police announced that a trio involved in a recent spat of break-ins had finally been captured in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Three individuals, including an Indonesian woman, were apprehended in operations in both Rawang, and nearby Selayang. The group implored the same tactics for entering homes in the area: Using a screwdriver to enter an empty home via window, they would ransack the residence for valuables. After seizing what they would carry, one of the suspects would defecate somewhere in the house, so that the victims would believe that they now had a black magic hex on them.

Yeah. Editorial aside: Remember when that Malaysian diplomat defecated on that New Zealand woman’s doorstep before walking into her house half-naked, and had to deny that the whole incident wasn’t part of some elaborate black magic sexual harassment plot? Yeah — that was weird.

The group’s leader, referred to as Cicak (Lizard), would then sell the valuables to friends for RM50-RM100 bucks a pop (US$12-24). Having terrorized the area since the new year, police say the unemployed trio would mostly work between midnight and the early morning hours.

All three will be held in remand until January 16 while police investigate, with ties already established to three break-ins.

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