SaturdaySelects plays would-you-rather in lead-up to 3-year anniversary party this public holiday eve

via SaturdaySelects
via SaturdaySelects

We still remember the first time we caught a SaturdaySelects night:

We expected trap (look, this was over two years ago, ok?), but what we got was the best mix of new, urban music, along with a heady mix of old-school R&B, and hip-hop, with splashes of riddims and Afro-beats. It was a great night, we danced without drinking, and loved that every single person in the venue, DJs included, was having fun with the music mix.

What began as a project co-founded by Roshan Menon, and Johann Razali (who has since left the team),  has taken on a life of its own, growing from a party night, to music collaborations, EP and single releases, and now, artist management.

via SaturdaySelects

Celebrating their second-year at the top of the consistently good KL party nights, SaturdaySelects is doing it the best way possible — with a massive party April 30, a public holiday eve, at one of our favorite Bangsar venues, Jiro.

Before we wreck our livers, lives, and reach cognitive dissonance, we sat down with Roshan to ask some of our most burning questions (so, like … what’s a SaturdaySelects selector, anyway)?

via SaturdaySelects

To the uninitiated, what is a selector?

The term “selector” is ill-defined, and has various subjective meanings to different people. What I can say is that a selector is a taste-maker: He or she is a person with a wide selection of music throughout their sets or crate that introduces the listener to new sounds.

It’s a very on the fence term, some people have a positive outlook on a “selector” and some have a negative opinion about it (they prefer the term DJs).

via Saturday Selects
via SaturdaySelects

Touché. What makes a good selector?

A good DJ/Selector set to me is someone who is able to blend different sounds, and takes his listeners on a journey and invoke certain emotions. Someone that makes you feel.

How did Saturday Selects come about?

We started out having track submissions from friends on SoundCloud, and getting photographers on board to shoot the visuals aspect of the music. That grew into us hosting parties with these acts at venues around Kuala Lumpur, and that eventually grew our roster of producers and DJs under us.

Now we’re focusing more on digital releases of music from our artists and putting together creative collaborations with like-minded brands in KL, so we can co-exist on one plane and create some amazing stuff together.

via SaturdaySelects

How do you think it’s influenced the Kuala Lumpur scene?

We’ve definitely opened up opportunities for musicians to play whatever they want at our shows, as well as pairing up talents (points to Lunadira & Daaliah, winks). SS has helped put together various members of the creative scene together through collaborations.

In terms of influencing the scene, well that takes a whole lot more than just us — after all we’re just a moving part in a larger ecosystem.

via SaturdaySelects

True dat, and points for the modesty. Question: Does being a good selector mean you are a more decisive person?

I wouldn’t say that, each show is unique and different for a DJ/selector. I’m still indecisive about my tracks when I play, but it’s made me a better planner when it comes to my sets and choosing the right songs at the right moment.

Damn, well … not to put anyone on the spot, but we’ve come up with a little game of “would-you-rather…” but for the DJs in the crew. We call it …

“SaturdaySelects selects.” Geddit? Cute right?

Ahhh … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

DJ Contestant #1


via Toshiki Intagram

Beach or Mountains?

Nothing is better than napping in the ocean or like right by the water, but mountains are still cool, especially when you’re high enough to be in the clouds. Basically if I can nap there peacefully, I’m happy

New or Vintage?

I prefer new, not to say they vintage is bad. However, there’s a 95% chance the new thing will be a re-invention, or a reworking, of something vintage anyways.

If you haven’t, watch Everything is a Remix on YouTube — it pretty much illustrates my point.

Rice or Noodles?

I don’t like this question! Hahahaha. I love both equally!

But my Instagram isn’t @og.rice, so I’m gonna have to say noodles, LMAO!


DJ Contestant #2

Reddi Rocket

via Reddi Rocket Instagram

Biggie or Kendrick?

Kendrick: His flows, vocal tones, and the way he manipulates them — I’m inspired every time.

Village Grocer or Ben’s?

How about Jaya Grocer? It’s closer to the studio.

For real though, real, bottled OJ – point me in the right direction, please!

Staying in or Going out?

As long as I’m not in a middle of a session, I’m up for going out.

[Editor’s Note: Reddit Rocket has long been one of our favorites after we caught him holding it down spinning for a Chippendales show, on a rave ship — fun set.]

DJ Contestant #3

Lionel Rizki

via Lionel Rizki Instagram

Narcos or Black Mirror?

Black Mirror, because I’m pretty sick (in the head)

[DISCLAIMER: While Lionel Rizki often dwells in dark jokes, he is actually a mentally stable human being. Source: Himself]

Zouk or Kyo?

Kyo, for believing in small names like us.

Also, for the memory of that one time when Kyo got raided and I became the MC slash hypeman for JAKIM (the Department of Islamic Affairs), getting on the mic when they came in.

“Sila rapatkan saf secara berjamaah” — that was gold.

[Ed. Note: Literally translated to tighten the rows, and close the gaps; often said during prayers to make room for more congregants].

Sogo or Sungai Wang?

True OGs know that Sungai Wang is where the $$$ is at. From the Excessive Records shop, to questionable purchases at Boundlezz (Shout-out to that one time someone claimed they bought a fake shoe from Boundlezz).





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