Qu Puteh CEO Dato Seri Vida is marrying her former assistant. Here’s how it all started.

Vida and Iqbal in a 2020 photo: Photo: Ahmad Iqbal Zulkifli/Instagram
Vida and Iqbal in a 2020 photo: Photo: Ahmad Iqbal Zulkifli/Instagram

After two failed marriages, Malaysia’s most eccentric online sensation has found love again. 

Hasmiza Othman, also known as Dato Seri Vida, or her initials DSV, will tie the knot with her young boyfriend in December, four years after the cosmetics entrepreneur hired him as her personal assistant. Hasmiza, who rose to fame on the back of her Qu Puteh skin whitening line, is 50 while Ahmad Iqbal Zulkifli is 27.

The couple met in the year Hasmiza divorced her second ex-husband, insurance agent Fairuz Ahmad Zainuddin, who she was married to from 2014 to 2017. The mother of two, who was reported to be a millionaire, became the wife of food vendor Mohd. Amin Yassin from 2000 to 2008. 

Was Ahmad Iqbal more than just a PA? Was it love at first sight? We take a look at the timeline of their relationship.

How Vida met Iqbal (2017)

Ahmad Iqbal was hired as a personal assistant in the same year Hasmiza released the pink explosion that was her cringe-worthy I Am Me music video. Hiring Ahmad Iqbal got tongues wagging on whether the two were dating, with some calling him her new “boy toy.” 

Hasmiza was quick to quash those rumors, saying that their relationship was strictly professional. Well, look at where we’re at now.

Public fallout (2018)

Roughly a year into his job, Ahmad Iqbal was abruptly terminated by the Wisma Vida company because he was unable to fulfil his job scope as a personal assistant, media liaison and marketing manager. 

Ahmad Iqbal cried foul, saying that he was not given prior notice about the termination in July, and later telling the public that he had “returned everything” to Hasmiza’s company, including “nine pairs of suits,” before launching his own skincare line. 

Special friends (2020)

Vida receiving a Dior handbag from Iqbal. Photo: Ahmad Iqbal Zulkifli/Instagram
Vida receiving a Dior handbag from Iqbal. Photo: Ahmad Iqbal Zulkifli/Instagram

The duo remained good friends after falling out at the workplace, or perhaps a little more than that, since Ahmad Iqbal was showering Hasmiza with luxury gifts like that Dior bag that made her cry. 

“I cried, not because the bag is expensive, but because no-one has given me a gift before,” Hasmiza told Gempak. Ahmad Iqbal was apparently considering buying her gold or her dream car but she had plenty of gold and the car of her dreams, costing RM2 million, was too expensive. 

“Vida has been good to me, and I won’t forget it,” he once wrote on Instagram.

Marriage (2021)

Iqbal helps Vida with her shoe. Photo: Murai.my
Iqbal helps Vida with her shoe. Photo: Murai.my

On Tuesday, Hasmiza finally confessed that she was marrying her former assistant, calling him her “true love” and someone who was “honest and responsible.” But she hasn’t told her two children – Nur Edlynn Zamileen aka Cik B and Muhammad Eric Zaquan. 

“I haven’t told them about my intention to get married yet,” she said, adding that her daughter, Cik B, may need some time to take in the news. “In due time, I’ll tell her all about this.”

According to Ahmad Iqbal, his future wife wants an “extravagant ceremony” attended by fans.

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