Naruto run canceled: Here’s a list of other senseless activities happening around KL

An incomplete listing of the Top 5 senseless events happening in Kuala Lumpur, and beyond this year.

We here at Coconuts KL understand that some of you are still probably wondering what to do with your Monday, after the Naruto Run at Sunway University was unceremoniously canceled by the powers that be (the event organizer).

How do you assuage the broken hearts of the 500 who claimed they were going? Well, here are some pointless events happening near you to soften the pain.

  1. Die Like You’ve Been Killed by Death Note, September 15 at Sunway University.

You know, you like, pretend to die from a heart attack like in the anime, but all of you at the same time. Sounds amazing! Let’s hope it’s more successful than the white-washed, Netlfix series that just got a serious slaying from critics.

  1. Scream Like Goku in Kiara Park, Septmeber 16 at Kiara Park TTDI

The creators of this event, Joseph Lee and Adam Lee want you to know that this event is for recreational purposes only. It’s also to celebrate Malaysia Day, that falls on the same Saturday. Nothing says unification like harnessing all the power of Dragonball Z’s best character.

  1. Punch Like Saitama at Comic Fiesta, December 16 at KLCC Park

Why scream like Goku, when you can punch the air like Saitama? Ummm… Idk why would you pick a third-rate anime character when you could go for the top-of-the-line Goku? Maybe if you’re in the area, and don’t feel like spending money at the mall.

  1. Scream “You Shall Not Pass” at Zouk KL, September 14 at Zouk KL

Apparently, people still go to Zouk. If all 200 people who claim they’re attending this event actually go, then it might just be Zouk’s most relevant night since the last time Digweed was in town. Watch out for the barfing 18-year-olds. They start upchucking before midnight, and don’t stop until their parents come get them.

  1. Inhale Burgers Like Patrick the Starfish, September 25 at myBurgerLab

Finally, a concept that we can get behind. Eating your feelings in burger, fries and drink-mode. Mine come with a heavy dose of spicy mayo on the side, and a Coke watered down with tears. How about yours?


Make Weird Faces to Strangers, September 14 at Sunway Pyramid Orange Atrium

Sometimes an event is just a fun way of getting people together to do something we were all probably kinda doing in our own special way. Like that time that you got convinced to do a Harry Potter walk in London, and since you were already walking you went, and it was actually pretty fun and OMG LOOK A WIZARD.

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