Malaysian actress makes cameo appearance in ‘Train To Busan: Peninsula’

Bella Rahim in her Major Jane uniform (left) and a poster for the movie ‘Peninsula’ (right). Photos: Bella Rahim and Peninsula Movie /Instagram
Bella Rahim in her Major Jane uniform (left) and a poster for the movie ‘Peninsula’ (right). Photos: Bella Rahim and Peninsula Movie /Instagram

When South Korean zombie flick Train To Busan: Peninsula was released in the theatres last Thursday, many Malaysians were thrilled by the appearance of one character in particular, Major Jane.

In Peninsula, Jane is part of the United Nations rescue team who makes a brief but significant appearance at the end and is played by Malaysian theatre actress Bella Rahim.

A scene of Bella Rahim as Jane. Photo: GSC Cinemas /Facebook
A scene of Bella Rahim as Jane. Photo: GSC Cinemas /Facebook

On her personal Instagram account, the 46-year-old actress revealed more about her involvement in the movie, including her excitement over the army uniform emblazoned with the Malaysian flag that was specially made for her. 

Bella uploaded a throwback photo of herself yesterday, wearing the army green uniform, excitedly pointing at the Malaysian flag logo on her shoulder.

“I was SHOCKED and ECSTATIC when I donned the army uniform with Malaysian Logo on it,” her caption said. 

“Without hesitation, the Manglish slang came out and I said to my Korean agent ‘FASTER TAKE PICTURE!!’” the Ipoh native added.

Peninsula is the sequel to zombie blockbuster Train to Busan and follows four characters returning to post-apocalyptic South Korea to retrieve a truckload of cash. 

Bella previously starred in the 2015 indie feature film Train Station and starred in plays such as Into The Woods. She graduated from the Ecole Philippe Gaulier College in France.

Social media users from Malaysia who watched the horror film wasted no time to shine the spotlight on the homegrown actress.Netizen @Arafafa, who watched the movie a day after it was released tweeted, “At the last scene I whispered to my friend, hey, why does this person look Malay? Then I found out that Major Jane is Malaysian. Nice one, Bella Rahim!”

“There are a lot of countries within the UN but Malaysia was highlighter in Train To Busan: Peninsula. Aaa, I’m so proud to be Malaysian. Thank you Major Jane (Bella Rahim),” another social media user @Rararuslan chimed in.

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