Limited tickets left for Anderson .Paak in KL: Here’s why you should go

Malaysians, KLites, and those with some spare change and desire for a night of incredible music — you need to know this: Anderson .Paak is coming to KL next week.

And, we basically see this as a PSA in telling you all that there is a very limited number of tickets left.

How limited? Scarce enough that we didn’t want to risk there not being any availability at the door, so we got ours on hand already.

Here’s the thing — we don’t get this enthusiastic for just anyone. We have largely stopped going to shows that won’t guarantee us a life-changing good time, and we have it on the highest authority that Anderson .Paak is not to be missed, straight from the horses’ mouths: Pretty much any person who has seen him live before.

Two weeks ago, a Malaysian expat friend of ours in Berlin sent us an excited WhatsApp message:

Kak Frau expat: Hey – I just went to this amazing show – it was so good.

Coconuts KL: What was it? You know our policy regarding leaving the sofa past 9pm.

Kak Frau expat: Anderson .Paak. He’s a proper musician, his band is so good. (July 10, Berlin)

CocoKL: Oh, he’s literally coming to KL at the end of the month. That good, ah?

Kak Frau expat: So. Good. I danced the whole night. Go. Really. I had so much fun, it was so packed, my feet hurt, but it was worth it.

CocoKL: Ok, Ok – sold. Can we put this in an article?

Kak Frau expat: WhatsApp Last Seen: 11/07/18 at 4:40pm


One week later, we spoke to DJ, crate digger, self-professed .Paak fan and owner of fono the bar/music space at Zhongshan, Rudy LaFeber.

CocoKL: So, is Anderson that good?

Ruud: Have you seen his Tiny Desk Session? If that doesn’t convince you, there is no hope for Malaysia.

CocoKL: Chill, we bought tickets! What’s so good about this guy?

Ruud: Ok – he’s a great showman, tons of energy, amazing drummer – like unbelievable. You may have missed him at Laneway in Singapore last year, so here he is with the full show.

CocoKL: Oh yeah! We were there actually. His sound cut in the middle of the performance. It was very potong stim (buzzkill).

Ruud: Yeah – he recently taught himself how to dance so that he can do that in shows, his band The Free Nationals is super tight, so he’s like, a rapper with a real backing band, but he also sings.

He’s the real-deal in show biz. Sing, dance, rap, drum and produce.

CocoKL: Wow – sold. Again. That’s a lot of Anderson love. Does he know you Stan him this much?

Ruud: WhatsApp Last Seen: 20/07/18 at 12:40pm

There you have it: Anderson .Paak is incredible to see live. Go get the last available tickets, and we’ll see you on the dance floor.

Anderson .Paak Live in Kuala Lumpur

July 26 at KL Live, Kuala Lumpur

Doors open at 7pm, (some) tickets still available HERE

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