Hantu Hotspots: the best haunted places in Malaysia for paranormal enthusiasts

Highland Tower Malaysia. Photo: Sonicblue4/Wikimedia commons
Highland Tower Malaysia. Photo: Sonicblue4/Wikimedia commons

Malaysia has a rich history and diverse culture, which includes a variety of supernatural beliefs and folklore. It is not uncommon to hear stories of ghostly encounters or haunted places in the country. 

For those who are interested in exploring the paranormal, there are several haunted spots in Malaysia that are worth visiting.

1. Kellie’s Castle 

Kellie’s castle. Photo: Pooventhan Supramaniam/Wikimedia commons

One of the most famous haunted spots in Malaysia is Kellie’s Castle in Perak. This unfinished mansion was built in the early 20th century by Scottish planter William Kellie Smith, who intended it to be a home for his family. However, construction was halted due to his untimely death, and the castle has remained abandoned ever since. 

Visitors have reported hearing strange noises and feeling a sense of unease while exploring the castle.

Location: 5, Jalan Gopeng, 31000 Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia

2. Highland Tower 

Highland Tower Malaysia. Photo: Sonicblue4/Wikimedia commons

Another popular haunted spot in Malaysia is the Highland Towers in Selangor. This condominium complex was hit by a landslide in 1993, which killed 48 people and left the remaining buildings abandoned. There have been reports of ghostly sightings and eerie occurrences at the site, which has since become a popular spot for ghost hunters.

Location: Taman Hillview, Ulu Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

3. Villa Nabila 

A shot from the film ‘Villa Nabila’. Photo: Villa Nabila/Facebook (film page)

The Bukit Tunku area in Kuala Lumpur is also known for its haunted spots. The most famous of these is the Villa Nabila, which was once a grand mansion owned by a wealthy family. However, the family reportedly fled the house after experiencing supernatural phenomena, and it has been abandoned ever since. Visitors have reported seeing apparitions and hearing strange noises while exploring the property.

Other notable haunted spots in Malaysia include the Penang War Museum, the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus in Malacca, and the Rafflesia Pudu Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

If you’re interested in exploring Malaysia’s haunted spots, it’s important to exercise caution and respect for the supernatural. These places are not just tourist attractions, but they also have a cultural and spiritual significance for many Malaysians. It’s also important to note that some of these places may be off-limits or restricted for safety reasons, so it’s best to do your research beforehand and seek permission before visiting.

4. Mona Fandey’s House 

Mona Fandey’s house in Shah Alam, Selangor. Photo: Property Guru

Mona Fandey, also known as Maznah Ismail, was a Malaysian pop singer-turned-bomoh. She was born on January 1, 1956, in the state of Perlis. Mona Fandey’s life took a dark turn when she met a politician named Mazlan Idris, who hired her to perform black magic rituals for him to improve his political career.

In 1993, Mona Fandey and her husband, Mohamad Affandi Abdul Rahman, murdered Mazlan Idris in a ritualistic killing at their home. They claimed that the murder was part of a black magic ritual intended to help Mazlan Idris achieve political success. 

Mona Fandey and her husband were arrested and found guilty of the murder. They were sentenced to death by hanging and were executed in 2001.

Her last words, “Saya tidak akan mati,” which means “I will never die,” are forever etched in Malaysian crime history and folklore.

Pictured above was one of the houses that she lived in and is a favourite for paranormal seekers. 

Location: Seksyen 12, Shah Alam, Malaysia

5. Shih Chung Branch School

Shih Chung Branch School Photo: Sheba Also/Wikimedia commons

The Shih Chung Branch School in Penang, Malaysia, is known for its chilling history of ghostly hauntings. The school was built in 1880 and was once used as administrative headquarters by the ruling Japanese military during World War II. 

There have been disturbing stories about dark events that allegedly occurred on the site during the Japanese occupation. According to legend, many people were tortured and executed within the building, and their souls are still there today. As a result, many consider the place ‘haunted’.

One of the most well-known ghost stories associated with the Shih Chung Branch School is that of a headless ghost that haunts the stairwell. Legend has it that a soldier was beheaded on the stairs during the war, and his spirit still roams the area.

Location: 11, Jalan Transfer, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

6. Amber Court

Amber Court in Genting Highlands. Photo: Chongkian/Wikimedia commons

Amber Court was constructed as a resort and is located in Genting Highlands next to the First World Hotel. However, due to the 1997-1998 financial crisis, it was converted into apartments. The vacant apartments and the red algae spots on the building walls that resemble blood stains give it an eerie appearance.

It became a well-liked dark tourism destination because of its reputation as one of Malaysia’s haunted locations. This place is filled with eerie tales of suicides and supernatural occurrences. It is accessible as a homestay for truth-seeking, brave people. Many visitors have related a variety of tales, including those involving a headless woman, howling, and door-slamming sounds.

Location: Amber Court, Jalan Ion D’Elemen, Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

7. Mimaland

Mimaland in Gombak. Photo: Rezza Dude/Wikimedia commons

Mimaland was a popular theme park located in Ulu Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia. It was opened in 1971 and quickly became a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. The park featured various rides and attractions, including a water park, roller coasters, and carnival games.

In 1993, a tragic accident occurred where a 27-year-old Singaporean was killed while using the giant slide at the Mimaland pool. The park was plagued with safety issues and incidents that eventually led to its closure. 

Today, the area where Mimaland once stood has been abandoned for many years, with the remnants of the park left to decay. The abandoned park has become a popular spot for urban explorers and photographers seeking to capture the eerie and haunting atmosphere of the abandoned theme park.

Location: Jalan Gombak, 53100, Selangor, Malaysia

Do note that if you’re interested in visiting these places, you should proceed with caution and respect. It would also be good to check if you’re trespassing on private property before entering.


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