Film censorship supporter Janna Nick unleashes Twitter wrath after linking ‘The Purge’ to Capitol riots

Janna Nick in 2020 (left) and ‘The Purge’ movie poster (right). Photos: Janna Nick/Instagram, Universal Pictures
Janna Nick in 2020 (left) and ‘The Purge’ movie poster (right). Photos: Janna Nick/Instagram, Universal Pictures

Malaysian actress Janna Nick, who turns out to be a supporter of the country’s highly restrictive film censorship laws, has jumped on conversations about the shocking US Capitol riots with a theory involving American movie franchise The Purge. Unfortunately, that didn’t end well. 

Malaysians quickly called her out yesterday for missing the point after the actress tweeted that films like The Purge, which portray a society in chaos, may have influenced what happened in the US, justifying the need for the country’s film censorship laws, which bans kissing scenes, sleeveless clothes for women, and LGBTQ characters.   

“This morning, I woke up feeling really disappointed with netizens. I was criticized and humiliated. I feel very sad. I really need your support to move forward in life,” she responded to critics today, taking on a more emotional tone than yesterday. 

The 25-year-old My Coffee Prince actress sparked the debate after tweeting about the movie while it was trending on Twitter, around the same time an armed angry mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. in protest of the Georgia runoff election.  

“The trending #ThePurge shows the impact that film have on the public,” Janna had said. “This is the reason why certain guidelines are needed in the film industry, just as Malaysia has done for the past many years.”

Some of those who attacked her said that riots can happen anytime, with or without censorship laws. 

“People riot with or without movie guidelines, Janna,” @NazmiHanafiah replied to Janna.

“How can you be an actress and blame the film industry for ruining society?” @Wan_Naby said.

Janna was initially defensive towards critics lashing out at her, calling them “loser” and “nerd” before thanking everyone for contributing to the debate. 

“Thank you to all those who shared their opinions. Hopefully, you guys could accept my opinion as well. I took all the banter with a grain of salt. Hopefully you guys do as well. Goodnight, sweet dreams,” she said. 

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