Fans slam organisers of Billie Eilish’s concert in Kuala Lumpur over terrible seating setup, bad management 

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

After the party was over at Billie Eilish’s first ever performance in Malaysia last night, fans took to social media to lament how badly the concert was organised and how terrible the seating arrangements were. 

Fans who purchased seated tickets were upset that the seats were much further away from the stage than had been advertised and it did not help that the stage was so small that visibility was a serious issue. 

Some also complained that the organisers were late to open the venue’s doors and that there were no medics available to assist concertgoers who fainted during the long wait under the hot sun to get inside. 

Coconuts KL was present at last night’s concert and theorizes that the organizers may have overestimated the crowd for Billie’s performance by placing her at Bukit Jalil Stadium, which is built to handle a crowd of more than eighty thousand people. Last night, the stadium was more empty than it was full. 

Photo: Coconuts KL

While Billie’s performance was electrifying, concerts are made for fans to bond with the artists they adore and this clearly didn’t happen for a large percentage of the audience that could barely see her. 

It also did not help that those many who were seated had their views blocked by pillars and a tent that was situated right in front of the stage. 

The seated tickets ranged from RM308 (US$68.78) to RM508 and the standing tickets, which were also the most expensive, were sold at RM598. 

While some fans were broken-hearted, some used humour as a coping mechanism and said they needed binoculars to actually see Billie. 

“I don’t know, this is the first time I’m going to a concert and I’m unsatisfied. I bought a ticket for RM500++ because that was one the closest to the stage. But it turned out to be further as heck and I didn’t bring binoculars. Felt like I was watching a football match. And then…” 

“The sound system was like you could hear and couldn’t hear at the same time. I could barely catch what Billie was saying. Plus I can be a bit deaf sometimes, and I was going “hahhh?’ at Billie..”

Coconuts KL have reached out to the concert’s organiser, Live Nation, to address these complaints.

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