‘Big Stage 2020’ runner-up sorry for body-shaming host Sherry Alhadad on TV

Usop at right, and Sherry Alhadad at left, pose Sunday for a photo. Photo: Usop/Twitter
Usop at right, and Sherry Alhadad at left, pose Sunday for a photo. Photo: Usop/Twitter

Malaysia’s reality singing competition Big Stage concluded its third season last night with a new winner, and some apologies for a body-shaming incident broadcast live on television.

Runner-up Usop, whose real name is Muhammad Saiful Naim, apologized for telling host and actress Sherry on stage that he “wouldn’t want” a woman with her physique.

“I love Sherry, I’m sorry okay,” 23-year-old Usop wrote online last night, after apologizing to the bubbly host in a post-show interview last night.

“I’m sorry for what I said to Sherry when I went on stage just now. I didn’t realize it, it was an accident,” he had said in the interview taped after his performance.

The pair had been joking around on stage after Usop performed when he commented on the 35-year-old’s build, saying, “If your body looks like that, I wouldn’t want it.”


Sherry responded by telling Usop to “stop kidding around.” But she has since forgiven him, at least publicly.

“It was a joke, I understand,” she said.

Usop was named the runner-up in the Astro Ria singing competition judged by industry veterans Faizal Tahir and Dayang Nurfaizah dan Ajai. He was beaten by Azzam Sham, who belted out Bruno Mars’ Grenade for his final performance.

Usop came in for some righteous flak with people calling him out online, but that criticism soon turned to praise as they applauded Usop’s honest and swift apology.

“Well, Usop was brave. Unlike those who love to talk bad about others and not even feel sorry,” actress Wani Kayrie tweeted.

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