Restaurant review: Have yourself a juicy Japanese steak

This Japanese-accentuated gastrobar has been making waves in the Klang Valley serving mouth-watering yakitori and divine whiskey.  The best thing is that their menu not only features delectable grilled skewered meats, seafood and vegetables, it also lists a good selection of other Japanese favourites like sashimi, sushi, tempura and udon.  Now, what has just got even more interesting is their recently-introduced premium Japanese steak menu!

Top of the list here is the Matsusaka beef. Known as “Japanese Black”, Matsusaka is the most famous beef from Japan with a high fat-to-meat ratio.  The pampered cattle is raised in the serene areas surrounding Matsusaka between the Kumozu River to the north and the Miyagawa River to the south. 

Kobe Sirloin A5
Kobe Sirloin F1

Besides the Matsusaka, Torii also serves 4 grades of Kobe beef.  Kobe Zabutan A5 tops the list, followed by Kobe Sirloin A4, A3 and a Kobe Sirloin F1.  The Kobe cuts are robust in flavour and deliciously tender, thanks to their well-marbled textures.  Honestly, their lowest grade F1 Sirloin is already satisfying – it’s so flavoursome and tender to the bite.

Sauteed spinach
Truffled mashed parsnip

There’s a selection of sides to go with the steaks, like pan-seared foie gras, grilled Japanese scallops, truffled mashed parsnip, sauteed spinach, eggyolk croquettes, green beans with black sesame sauce, heritage salad or even a soup like cream of spinach.


The best way to savour these premium cuts is to have them at “medium rare” done-ness to fully savour and appreciate the beef’s tender juiciness.  If you prefer your beef cooked otherwise, do inform when ordering.  A sauce is also served separately but I ate my beef without it as I wanted to taste and savour the gorgeous meats for their pure deliciousness!

Meat lovers, whiskey lovers – go check out Torii for some pure indulgences on all that’s fine and premium from Japan.

Lot 8-6 Jalan Batai
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2011-3798/019-203-7093
Open: 11.30am-2.30pm (weekdays only)
5.00pm till late (daily)


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