Coconuts Hot Spot: The Beato Steakhouse, Publika

COCONUTS HOT SPOT — “Beato” means “blessed” in Italian, as explained by Danny Choi, the owner of this restaurant that specialises in dry-aged beef.

Dry-aging beef is a very time consuming process.  During this process, the beef is hung in special temperature-controlled cabinets for 25-30 days.  The beef will slowly dry out, resulting in meats which are superior in taste and tenderness.

This is a result of natural enzymes breaking up connective tissues in the meat, thus enhancing and tenderizing the cuts.

At Beato, their dry-aged beef are processed inhouse in their customised aging cabinet.  Once you are seated, a board with chalk-written available cuts for the day is brought to tableside for your selection.

Aged for 25 days, our medium rare serving of 775g T-bone Porterhouse (RM38/100g) was adorned with grilled caramelised garlic and a lemon wedge.   A good steak is minimalist in its marination and this Porterhouse was only given a shake of salt and black pepper.

T-bone Porterhouse

The natural juices of the meat flavoured it exquisitely.  The strip and fillet sides of the t-bone had a slight difference in texture but both were almost equally tender.  Dijon, wholegrain mustard and horseradish dips were provided for those who prefer some taste enhancement.

The smaller cut of 344g Ribeye was beautifully marbled and the medium-rare piece was glistening with fragrant melted fats when sliced.  The delicious bovine flavours had me closing my eyes to totally savour them.  Unless you are sharing, this cut is more manageable than the T-bone.


You can choose from an assortment of side dishes like grilled asparagus, corn, zucchini, sauteed mushrooms, sweet potato fries and mashed potato.

For those who are not partial towards beef, there’s chicken, lamb and fish to choose from.  The Lamb Rack was particularly impressive. The crunchy crust was made from breadcrumbs, walnuts, whole-grain mustard and bound with honey.  Once sliced, the juicy pink centres beckoned.

Half a Roast Chicken, smeared with garlic marinade and served with grilled vegetables by the side was another good choice.  The meat was juicy, even the breast part and overall, it was a very decent roast chicken!

We rounded off the meal with Dried Fruits and a couple of chocolate desserts.  With a dry-aging cabinet in-house, it’s simple to dry some fruits in them.

Our serving of dehydrated strawberries, kiwifruit and pineapple had flavours which were very intense.

BEATO Publlika
D2-G3-9 Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206-2405
Biz hours: 5pm to 12am; weekend 12pm to 12am

Chris Wan also blogs at Pure Glutton.


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