Woman spotted pooping in public to Hong Kong netizens’ horror

We’re not sure what it says about Hong Kong that human feces are the most common subject of photos that go viral in our corner of the interwebz, but it’s happened again.

First it was the mystery MTR pooper, and now we have the mystery open-air pooper.

A photo depicting a middle-aged woman popping a squat to do a number-two in a park in Tai Wai’s Lung Hang Estate has predictably been shared widely by Hong Kong netizens, according to the Bastille Post.

The original caption cheekily said, “Be careful of stepping on landmines”.

Some other sample comments:

 “Fucking crazy. Even adults crap everywhere on the street?”

“Oh no! Did someone lose their orangutan?”

“This is completely normal, Hong Kong’s been ‘returned’ [to China]!”

Yeah… When you go home, make sure to leave your shoes outside, just in case. 

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