What not to do: Video of people throwing bag at wild boar goes viral

Video of a group of people throwing a plastic bag at a wild boar went viral over the weekend as a whst not to do when you see a wild boar. Screengrab via Facebook video.

In the spirit of the Year of the Pig, and with an ever-increasing number of boar run-ins besetting Hongkongers, perhaps it’s time for a reminder of what not to do when you do encounter a wild boar during a hike: first of all, don’t throw things at them.

An example of poor wild boar etiquette was on full display in a viral video which was posted by the Wild Boar Concern group late Friday night, and has since racked up more than 73,000 views.

The NGO wrote that the video was filmed on a dash cam and sent in by a member of the public, who said that the incident took place at around 6pm on Friday on Fei Ngo Shan Road, which is the starting point for the hike to Kowloon Peak.

In the video, a group of nine people — five men and four women carrying equipment, including a boom microphone — can be seen running away from a wild boar.

One man can be seen grabbing a red plastic bag full of rubbish and throwing it at the animal in an effort to shoo it away.

The NGO reminded people not to panic when they see a wild boar, not to make any sudden movements, not to feed it, and, more generally, to respect the environment, making Friday’s viral video a veritable how-not-to on human-boar interaction.

As Coconuts Hong Kong reported last March, the increasing number of wild boar complaints is partly a result of the city’s growing boar population, with experts concerned that the growing boar population is becoming unsustainable.

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