‘It was wet and soft’: Case of HK activist whose ‘smelly fish sandwich’ hit a policeman goes to court

Avery Ng Man-yuen coming out of court in a picture uploaded to his Facebook profile

A pro-democracy activist, who allegedly lobbed a “smelly fish sandwich” towards the former Hong Kong chief executive during last year’s legislative elections that missed and hit a police officer, today pleaded not guilty to assault.

The police officer, meanwhile, testified his uniform had been stained by the projectile, which he described as “wet and soft”, according to Apple News.

AFP reported that the accused, Avery Ng Man-yuen of the League of Social Democrats, denied one count of common assault at the magistrates’ court hearing.

The sandwich was aimed at the city’s then-leader Leung Chun-ying, who was on his way to the polling station.

The Standard, which covered today’s hearing, wrote that Leung managed to take “evasive action,” allowing the sandwich to hit chief inspector Lau Wing-kwan.

Lau told the court he tried to block the sandwich with his arm but didn’t “blame” the city’s former head for dodging and leaving him in the firing line.

“Suddenly I saw an unknown object coming from in front flying towards me,” police officer Lau Wing-kwan told the court as a witness, reported AFP.

“Because the item was wet and soft, after I blocked it, it came apart and parts of it hit my vest.”

Ng was a candidate for the Kowloon West constituency, but failed to win a seat, obtaining only 6,811 votes, according to Hong Kong Free Press.

In a Facebook video that was played in court, Ng had described the missile as a “smelly fish sandwich,” AFP reported. 

The hearing follows the recent arrests of prominent pro-democracy activists.

Face of the 2014 pro-democracy protests Joshua Wong, former lawmaker Nathan Law and activist Alex Chow were sent to prison in August after the Court of Appeal overturned previous non-custodial terms for the trio for their involvement in the demonstrations.

Several other activists are also facing charges and possible jail terms.

Leung is expected to testify tomorrow.

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