Mean Girls: Video of girl taking sustained beating from two others goes viral

Video posted online shows two women slapping and kicking another woman at least 50 times. Screengrabs via Facebook video.
Video posted online shows two women slapping and kicking another woman at least 50 times. Screengrabs via Facebook video.

Police on Tuesday night made an arrest in connection with a widely circulated video that showed two young women kicking, punching, and verbally abusing another girl as a crowd of onlookers stands by and watches the minutes-long assault.

The four-minute video of the incident was first posted online Tuesday morning, and has been doing the rounds on multiple Facebook groups, racking up tens of thousands of views.

Though details on the arrest were scant, the video shows two assailants — one wearing a black hoodie, and the other wearing a red one — unrelentingly kicking and slapping a third young woman with short hair in a black hoodie dozens of times, demanding she apologize for getting “involved in a love triangle,” Apple Daily reports.

Throughout the assault, the duo can be heard calling their victim “a smelly c**t” and a “motherf**ker.” Throughout the ordeal, the girl doesn’t put up a fight.

Other people can be heard speaking off camera, and at the start of the video, the man filming the incident can even be heard telling others to “give me a little bit more light.”

Over the course of the video, the man filming can be heard referring to the assailant in the black hoodie by the nickname “Beef Ball.” Beef Ball, meanwhile, is seen jerking the victim around by her hair, pressing her to the ground demanding she apologize to the girl in red and another female dressed in black.

Even after the girl apologizes, however, the abuse continues, with the girl in red saying in between slaps, “We treated you like a sister, and you treat us like this?”

She then goes on to accuse the victim of wasting money she lent her on drugs, and of mooching off of her friends.

Just as shocking as the physical assault, near the end of the video, another person steps into the shot and takes an upskirt photo of the battered woman.

Netizens, meanwhile, were shocked by the footage, with near-universal condemnation pouring in for those involved.

Some referred to the assailants as “trash,” “Mong Kok girls” — a derisive term for obnoxious, classless youths — and “HK police officers in the making.” (Ouch.)

It’s not clear where or when the incident took place or where, but reports that the video first appeared on the “North District” Facebook group, which is a group dedicated to goings-on in the Northern district in the New Territories.

Police had not responded to Coconuts HK‘s request for comment as of press time.


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