VIDEO: Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution explained (super clearly) in new animation

If you’re still confused about where the hell your bus is and who the hell those pesky kids lounging around the streets are, this cute, informative and easily absorbed animation is an absolute must-watch.

Uploaded to Vimeo yesterday by Anthony Amici, “Hong Kong: The Umbrella Revolution” tells the whole tale from start to finish, albeit missing out last night’s rather fierce fisty cuffs. This isn’t Twitter – animation takes time, you know!

Starting with the British handover in 1997 and ending with rising tensions after the government called off talks with protesters last Friday, the super slow and easy to understand synopsis is one we feel we could do with every week.

So, if you’re a bit foggy about the Basic Law, Scholarism, Joshua Wong (look out for the totes ador’ Joshua Wong character), universal suffrage, the civic referendum… press play and educate yourselves you fools!

You can also check out Coconuts TV’s very own explainer video, if animation isn’t your style:



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