Video: Female student disses CY Leung to his face

It’s no secret many Hongkongers are not happy with the Chief Executive, Leung Chun-ying, but not many people have the balls to say it to his face!

Bonnie Tang Man-lam, a third-year Journalism and Communications student studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, plucked up the courage to ask CY Leung to respect public opinion at the Presentation Ceremony of The Hong Kong Youth Service Award. During Tang’s acceptance speech she spoke-up about injustice in society, like the recent HKTV license issue, and felt that it was important for the government and the youth to be on the same team, not against each other. She urged Leung to take into consideration public opinion when deciding policies.

The audience cheered Tang on for her gutsy speech and media outlets picked up the story, nicknaming her the young lady with courage. As usual Leung, didn’t get much love from the audience, as all he did was clap and smile. 

Source: Apply Daily

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