VIDEO: Fall in love with Hong Kong’s typhoon season with this romanticised wet weather treat

Do Hong Kong’s rainy days get you down? Well this little beauty, just uploaded to Vimeo by North Utsira, might just prompt you to appreciate their beauty. Set to a moving classical soundtrack, the short film consists of a compilation of footage taken right before a Hong Kong typhoon – although which typhoon is anyone’s guess.


Hong Kong Storm Warning from North Utsira on Vimeo.

From gorgeous ink-soaked cloud shots of Macau from the air, to a moody Star Ferry crossing and people battling with umbrellas while queuing in the rain, the under-siege Hong Kong seen here is both dramatic and beautiful.

But just in case even this can’t convince you love typhoon season, there’s a few seconds of the bright and breezy morning after at the end to remind you of their worth.

Photo: screenshot Vimeo

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