2 jailed after chicken-wrapped explosive planned for wild boar blows off volunteer’s hand

Two men who wrapped explosives in chicken skin in a bid a kill a wild boar, but severely injured an animal volunteer instead, have been jailed in Hong Kong.

Construction workers Chan San, 55, and Ho Kwok-fai, 53, were yesterday sentenced to 10 months in jail for planting what has been amusingly described as a “poultry bomb” in Lion Rock Country Park on Nov. 29 last year.

Unfortunately for the pig-hungry pair, however, they failed to catch their dinner and instead blew off part of the thumb and middle finger of veterinary assistant Liu Kwan-kiu, who picked up the device thinking it was a poisonous animal trap.

The SCMP reports that he was blown a distance of two metres when the bomb went off in his hand.

Speaking under caution, Ho said he and Chan had killed a boar using the same method on a previous occasion. Officers found what appeared to be the meat in both men’s fridges.

We guess blowing it apart saves effort when it comes to butchering.

The pair had earlier pleaded guilty to possessing the arsenic and potassium explosives.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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