Trio of Hong Kong police officers arrested by ICAC in triad informer sting

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) arrested three officers from the Tuen Mun District special duties squad on Wednesday, after they were caught discussing how to frame somebody for narcotics possession in footage leaked by a triad mole, Apple Daily reports.

The clip was posted online and allegedly sent to the police and ICAC by the triad mole, also known as “Four-eyed Boy” (or “Speccy four-eyes” to the British) late last year. It apparently shows the three officers and the informer sitting in a car and talking about their plans to plant half a kilogram of unspecified narcotics in a flat on Po Tin Estate in Tuen Mun, before arresting the inhabitant for drug possession.

The trio’s leader, a sergeant with the nickname Uncle Hung, was reportedly trying to advance his career within the narcotics bureau.

A rival sergeant of Hung’s, nicknamed Sa-pei, had apparently solved a number of cases with the help of Four-eyed Boy, his triad informant, a local drug dealer who was affiliated with the Sun Yee On triads.

In an attempt to best his rival, Hung allegedly reached out for Four-eyed Boy’s help in late 2014. In the video, which is dated Nov. 2014, Hung can be heard apparently agreeing to turn a blind eye to Four-eyed Boy’s illicit activities in return for his help.

However, the pair’s relationship soured at the end of 2015, when Four-eyed Boy’s drug dealing business was targeted by the police.

The gang member then leaked the year-old clip, which he had clandestinely filmed with a spy camera on his glasses. Who’s laughing at ol’ Speccy now?

Since the clip’s release, Uncle Hung had been working as in the Tai Po Criminal Investigation Division, while his two subordinates were demoted. Following their arrest by the ICAC this week, they have been suspended from any police duties, effective immediately.


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