These new ‘luxury’ flats in Ho Man Tin are so cramped that you can’t even sit on the toilet properly

As citizens of a small, densely populated city with the world’s least affordable real estate, we think our expectations for apartments are already pretty low. But even in a world where paying HKD12,000 for a 250-square-foot studio apartment is considered “reasonable”, this is too effin’ much.

Henderson Land’s Seven Victory Avenue housing development in Ho Man Tin has been ridiculed online after Apple Daily reporters visited a 190-square-foot model unit and found that an adult man of average height can’t even close the toilet door while sitting on the loo.

Oh, the humanity.

Do your squats and your “business” at the same time! #LifeHack. Screenshot: Apple Daily

Unsurprisingly, the bedroom and living room have been bundled into one tiny space (which we will call the bedroom-cum-living room, in true Hong Kong fashion)… although there isn’t actually a bed as such.

Observe; the bedroom, living room and kitchen. One for the price of three, as it were. Screenshot: Apple Daily

Apparently when the Apple Daily reporters asked, the real estate agent helpfully said, “The sofa pulls out into a bed.” Great. That fixes everything. 

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