Suspended police officer kneels in the rain to beg forgiveness from police chief

Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

A troubled police officer —  who in 2015 publicly asked people to bid on how he should commit suicide — was last week suspended from the force, prompting him to kneel in the rain to “beg for forgiveness” from the city’s police commissioner.

The 38-year-old marine police officer surnamed Cheng was spotted on Friday kneeling outside Wan Chai Police Headquarters in a public display of repentance amid a heavy downpour, according to Headline Daily.

After two hours, he was taken inside by plainclothes officers and eventually taken to hospital.

According to Apple Daily, Cheng had been subject to an internal disciplinary hearing for unauthorized access into a police computer system in late 2015.

The probe led to a formal suspension, of which Cheng was notified on Thursday. He was told he must submit to early retirement and leave the force before June 21.

In an attempt to be reinstated, the officer had showed up the Wan Chai headquarters begged Police Commissioner Stephen Lo for forgiveness. It wasn’t clear whether he got to meet with Lo.  

According to Headline Daily, a police spokesperson said they were looking into the case, which isn’t the first instance of troubling behavior from the officer.

Local media reports that Cheng — who joined the marine police’s north division in 2001 — had a troubled history with the police force which included spells of disciplinary violations and “emotional illness.”

According to HK01, Cheng published a “death by auction” letter online in 2015.

The letter — which was signed with his full name, address, and officer number — said that the highest bidder could choose for Cheng how he would kill himself, and that the proceeds from the auction would be given to his wife and children.

Local media reports that the letter was sent because he was not happy about being relocated to a different police dormitory.

Coconuts HK have reached out to the police for comment.

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