Small wild boar evades capture for 3 hours outside 5-star Conrad hotel in Admiralty

One of Hong Kong’s wiley wild boars made a run for it today after evading capture by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) for hours.

The little piggie, which is estimated to be a rather small specimen at only three feet long, was reported to the police after staff of the 5-star Conrad hotel in Admiralty spotted it running around in the grass outside at approximately 7:45 am. 

According to Oriental Daily, members of the AFCD attempted to capture the rogue runt by trapping it in a net. 

After around three hours of the rather tedious but hilarious-sounding wild boar chase, the savvy squealer reportedly leapt over the net and made a run for it towards the British Council. Somebody should tell it about David Cameron’s (alleged) porcine preferences before it gets roped into a little Netflix and swill…

AFCD and police officers reportedly left Admiralty at around 11am after searching the surrounding hillside to no avail.

It seems like leaving was a rasher decision, however. While we cannot be certain that it is the same pig, Coconaut Sandra Kwong encountered a wild boar that appears to be about the same size very close to the Conrad.

Kwong told Coconuts HK that she saw “Pumbaa in the flesh” at around 11am on the staircase behind Pacific Place 3. The pig was apparently a tame and “friendly fellow” (perhaps even a Babe?), and allowed Kwong to gently herd it back down the stairs. 

At the moment, we cannot speak to the fate of the little boar, but we hope it is safe and frolicking freely, far away from the British Council.


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