‘Shut the windows! There are monkeys’: Pesky primates spotted stealing food from Tai Wai apartment

Monkeys were seen coming in and out of an apartment unit in Tai Wai stealing bread, potato chips and instant noodles. Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

Goddamn thieving monkeys.

Residents of a housing block in Tai Wai are hoping authorities can help stop a troop of mischievous macaques from filching food.

According to Apple Daily, more than 10 of the fury climbers were caught on video scaling the outer wall of the residential tower at Mei Chung Court in Tai Wai.

Speaking to the newspaper, the woman who filmed the video, surnamed Ko, said the monkeys were seen climbing into a fourth floor apartment unit opposite her building.

Not deterred by laundry swaying outside the window, one-by-one they were seen climbing in and out of the flat, taking bread, potato chips and instant noodles, while neighbors could be heard yelling: “Shut the windows! There are monkeys!”

At least 10 macaques were spotted lolling around the premises until  they were eventually chased away by building’s management team, according to witnesses.

Ko told the newspaper that she hoped the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) would step up measures to prevent moneys from entering homes, adding that cages and traps set outside the apartment complex have been unsuccessful keeping the creatures at bay.

A resident at the complex for more than 12 years, Ko said she had noticed the number of incidences involving monkeys stealing groceries from unsuspecting passers-by had increased in the last few years.

Mei Chung Court also happens to be a two-minute walk away from May Shing Court, where residents have also been complaining about a similar spate of monkey break-ins earlier this year.

Residents there voiced similar complaints about the AFCD’s traps, set up on a nearby hillside, being ineffective as the monkeys had learned out to avoid them.

Both apartment blocks are next to the Shing Mun Reservoir, a known habitat for the city’s macaques.

According to the AFCD’s website, the monkey species living in Hong Kong are the Rhesus Macaque, the Long-tailed Macaque, and their hybrids. These monkeys are mainly distributed in Kam Shan, Lion Rock, Shing Mun Country Parks and Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve.

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