Shenzhen ‘Pangolin Princess’ arrested for diet of scaly anteater

A woman was recently arrested in Shenzhen when a Weibo user ousted her for having a very illegal diet of nationally-protected animals, one of which was a pangolin.

A quick brief about what Pangolins are: These little critters are also known as scaly anteaters because of their appearance, long tongues, and favourite snacks. They are widely poached because their scales and meat are believed in China and Vietnam to have medicinal properties.

Watch the Coconuts TV documentary “Guardians of the Pangolin” below

Dubbed by Chinese social media as the “Pangolin Princess,” Weibo user “Zhanfangdeduoduo” (绽放的多多) had originally posted her very hearty but illegal diet choices as far back as 2011-2012, and if it weren’t for the aforementioned Weibo user uploading screenshots of her posts, it’s likely that the Pangolin Princess would have continued to sail under the radar.

Screenshots of her posts revealed various dishes ranging from tonic soup to fried rice, with some commentary for each of those posts.

One such dish is the pot of “Eight Animal Stew,” which included pangolin, snake and swan meat. What an absolute abomination.

Pangolin Princess arrested in Shenzhen

She admitted the nourishing qualities of the stew, but also said that she suffered from a nosebleed after eating. She also added that she initially could barely stomach a mouthful after hearing of the ingredients used, but it was only because of her prodding elders that she forced two bowls down.

Other “specialties” included Pangolin Blood Fried Rice and Caterpillar Fungus and Pangolin Soup – which she deemed to be “very special”.

Here are pictures of her ‘ingredients’ before they were killed.

It didn’t take long after the screenshots were uploaded to become viral among the Chinese media, and police soon began probing into the matter, arresting a woman named Lin last Tuesday for questioning, according to Shanghaiist.

There’s two key takeaways from this story:

  1. Stop eating endangered animals.
  2. Don’t post photos on social media of yourself engaging in illegal activities.

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