R.IP: Netizens Photoshop Regina Ip’s Chief Executive campaign poster to spell out ‘death’ for Hong Kong

Fresh from leaving the Executive Council, Regina Ip officially announced the launch of her chief executive campaign “Win Back Hong Kong” today, a name which begs the question, “why, where did it go?”

The New People’s Party chairwoman kickstarted her run for the CE election by making a speech at the Convention and Exhibition Centre where she pledged to “lead [the city] to a better future”, such as by enacting the controversial “anti-treason” law, Article 23, SCMP reports. Ip was immediately mocked by netizens, one of whom said “Hong Kong has already died under the rule of 689 [CY Leung], if unfortunately she [Ip] wins, it will never come back to life.”

Meanwhile, others were swift to make fun of her campaign banner:

Is the slogan her way of saying she’s about to start the Hunger Games? Photo: Regina Ip via Facebook

As HKFP’s editorial director Kris Cheng noted wryly on Twitter, “Regina Ip cut 贏 [the Chinese character for ‘win’] in half to add ‘win’ [in English]. But the character it forms 吂 means:

  • not answering when asked; or
  • slow in reaction owing to old age”

And some blurred away the “unnecessary” words from the poster, turning its message into “Ip win, Hong Kong R.Ip.” Burn.

Photo: I.am.a.Hongkonger via Facebook

To remove any ambiguity, some simply wiped the English slogan off, replaced it “R.IP”, and plonked the Chinese character 亡 (die) above.

Photo: Proud Hongkonger via Facebook

The full-stop in R.IP was also replaced by a bunch of “sour grapes”, an image she’s been associated with ever since she wrote a Facebook status criticising TIME magazine for featuring Joshua Wong as a Person of the Year in 2014, to which Wong retorted by simply sending her a photo of grapes. #Shade

Looks like Ip has got a lot of Hong Kong to win back.

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