Public bench passion: HK couple’s nighttime nookie raises eyebrows online

Photos via Facebook.
Photos via Facebook.

In simpler times, the risk of getting too passionate in public extended, mostly, to an awkward encounter upon being detected doing the deed.

But, thanks to smartphones, these are no longer simple times.

A young couple in Hong Kong discovered as much on the weekend when a passerby interrupted their intimate moment on a public bench.

It’s an action shot alright, capturing the moment the seemingly fully-dressed young man appears to notice he’s just been caught on camera as his lover, naked but for her underwear, straddles on top.

The photo, as such pictures do, quickly spread on social media and was picked up by local news outlet,

Though it’s not exactly clear where the couple’s tryst took place, eagle-eyed netizens suggested the spot may be the sitting area outside the Mui Wo cooked food centre, near the Mui Wo Ferry Pier.

Some netizens joked that the couple probably didn’t have any space in their own homes to have sex, which, actually, was a serious point made a few years ago by ousted lawmaker Yai Wai Ching when discussing Hong Kong’s housing crisis.

A hotel, perhaps, was out of their price range, another commenter opined.

Others, meanwhile, noticed the incredible acute angle of the man’s legs and wondered if he was comfortable. We suspect he was feeling just fine prior to being busted.

Some suggested the police should be called and the pair punished for indecency.

Others wondered if the whole thing was just for show.

One netizen re-posted one of the photos with a speech bubble saying “Line-up! You motherf****r!”

Photo via Facebook.
Photo via Facebook.


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