Pizza Hut Hong Kong releases grossest offering yet to celebrate New Year

No one who’s been anywhere near Italy (or a decent Italian restaurant) expects an authentic pizza experience at Pizza Hut. That’s a given, but surely there are limits? Apparently not.

To celebrate the New Year, Pizza Hut Hong Kong has introduced the Double II Sensation series, two different disgusting pizzas, each themselves comprising of two different disgusting pizzas.

So diners can technically devour four disgusting pizzas in two unhealthy sittings. Talk about efficiency!

The first offering, Beef Legend, boasts an outer ring of barbecue sauce, beef and cherry tomatoes (okay, not too bad), and an inner ring of pepperoni, cherry (yup, actual cherry, not cherry toms), peach and tartar sauce. Seriously, WTF?

Alternately you could opt for the Seafood Delight, which has an outer ring of scallops, seafood (a category scallops apparently don’t fall into anymore), cranberry, carrot and okra. If that’s not gross and weird enough for you, the inner ring is made up of shrimp, red onion and dill thousand island sauce.

Oh yeah, and both pizzas come with two crusts, one stuffed with crispy sausage and the other with double cheese.

As one Twitter commentator put it: “Who hurt you, Pizza Hut Hong Kong? Who made you do things like this?”

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