PHOTOS: Final Occupy site in Causeway Bay cleared, around 17 arrested

Two arrested elderly people, sitting on a police bus, throw up peace signs. 

Starting at around 10:30am today, the police cleared the pro-democracy camp in Causeway Bay, the last of the Occupy sites. The streets had been blocked for 78 days. 

A small group of people were determined to participate in a sit-in and awaited arrest as the police dismantled installations around them. The police have not yet announced how many were arrested, but 17 people were counted at the sit-in. The roads are now open.

Police dismantle the protesters’ tents.

Police used chainsaws and clippers to cut apart the barricades. 

Some police stood by as the tactical police did the dirty work.

A policeman dismantles a tent, on which there is a “I want universal suffrage” sticker.

The de facto motto of Occupy Admiralty’s last day, “We’ll be back”, was also seen here.

Two old men chat calmly as they sit at the front of the protesters waiting to be arrested.

“I’m 78 years and 11 months old.” 

“Grandpa Wong”, as he has come to be known, is in his 90’s. This is the third time he’s been arrested this year: the first time was at the July 2 sit-in on Chater Road, and the second was at Thursday’s clearance of Admiralty.

Lawmaker Fernando Cheung speaks to the two old men.

Protesters point out their supporters, cordoned off by the police, to Grandpa Wong.

Kitted out in yellow and ready to go.

The man raised his arm in support of universal suffrage as the police prepared to lead him away.

Grandpa Wong’s turn.

A woman, barricaded from the protest site by the police, raises a yellow “I want universal suffrage” banner.

An emotional supporter holds a “Support the students” sign.

“We’ll be back,” says the paper this middle-aged woman holds.

A protester, about to board the police bus, throws up the Hunger Games’ three-finger salute along with the elderly woman behind him.

Street cleaning trucks rolled in.

The streets were quickly washed, and cleaners scrubbed away the last signs of the protest.

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