Passenger jumps onto tracks at Tai Wo MTR to save boy

Hats off to a heroic MTR passenger this morning who, during peak hour services, jumped onto the tracks to save a child.

According to HK01, the incident happened at Tai Wo MTR station about 8.30am when a 14-year-old boy, becoming dizzy, lost his footing on the Hung Hom-bound platform and fell onto the tracks.

Hearing a bystander scream, a commuter immediately jumped down after the teen, whom he roused before pushing him up onto the platform, where MTR staff helped drag him up.

There were no trains coming through the platform at the time and, after the boy fell, a staff member pushed the emergence button to immediately suspend services. However, given the speed of the rescue,  there were no subsequent delays on the East Rail Line.

According to the, the boy was only slightly injured though an ambulance was called to the scene,

The report did not mention if the courageous commuter was related to the teen.

Either way, nice work.

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