Passenger disregards instructions and breaks new Cathay plane’s overhead locker, delaying flight by 3 hours

The customer knows best, except for when they don’t.

Some nitwit managed to inconvenience 279 other passengers yesterday morning, after he broke a panel off the ceiling of a brand new Cathay-operated Airbus A350. The unidentified Hong Kong man was apparently trying to stow his luggage in the overhead lockers between rows 70 and 74 while boarding flight CX705 to Bangkok.

Unbeknownst to him, there are no overhead storage bins in that section of the A350. According to Oriental Daily, Cathay Pacific staff had informed passengers at the time that those particular seats were not equipped with lockers, although we guess some people just prefer to learn things the hard way.

HK01 reports that the man “flat-out refused to believe that he couldn’t stow his luggage there” and ended up tearing the damn panel off the ceiling, creating a massive, gaping hole. 

Passengers ended up waiting around for three hours while engineers undid the effects of the unidentified man’s stupidity. The flight eventually took off for Bangkok at 11:24am, 189 minutes after its scheduled departure, on the same plane.

SCMP reports that the clueless culprit was allowed to take the flight without any repercussions.


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