‘No regrets’: Hong Kong actor, recently reunited with long lost brothers, also has a secret son

A Hong Kong actor who launched a social media search for the father who left him when he was a child also has an illegitimate son of his own.

With the help of social media and the BBC, 56-year-old Anthony Wong in March ended a decades-long search for his British father Frederick William Perry when he met, for the first time, his two half-brothers, 74-year-old British-born twins David and John Perry, who currently reside in Australia.

Now it has emerged that Wong, like his dad, is also the father of an illegitimate child himself.

Wong — known for his movies including Infernal Affairs and Hard Boiled — has two sons with his wife Ng Wai-jing, who he married in 1992, and a third son with another woman who currently lives in England.

Apple Daily reports that they were contacted by the woman known only as “Joyce”, who said she first met Wong when she was 17-years-old.

On October 22, 1998, at the age of 23, she gave birth to their son William in England, and that Wong was not in the delivery room at the time.

She told the newspaper that her work at that time involved frequent traveling between Hong Kong and England, and that she later decided to quit her job and move to Hong Kong.

She said Wong told her that if she returned to Hong Kong on Valentines Day, and if he was single, then they could get married. But that never happened as Wong was not single and rather, already married.

Joyce moved back to England at the age of 25, and two years later “split up” with Wong.

She said: “I gave birth aged 23, I was so young, but too late.”

She added that although Wong has supported their son by helping to pay for William’s education, he has never been to the England to visit his child.

Actor Anthony Wong standing next to a mural in Clerkwell in London of Jesus selling copies of the Big Issue. Photo via Facebook.

When asked by the newspaper why she was revealing this now, Joyce said she wanted to expose his “unprincipled behaviour,” but also told the paper that Wong was at one point the love of her life and she was willing to do anything for him.

Wong confirmed to Apple Daily over the phone that William is his son, that he has a good relationship with him and that the pair even had dinner in Hong Kong on Wednesday night. He told the newspaper that William, now 20-years-old and at university, flew back to England yesterday.

He told the newspaper that although it was a long time ago, he said he would not refuse to acknowledge his son because he didn’t want it to negatively affect his children, and that he had no regrets.

When asked to address the allegation from Joyce that he never visited his son in England, Wong said that it was difficult to get in touch with her because she kept moving house.

Wong also told the outlet that his family knows about William, and that he has even visited Wong’s mom and two other sons.

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