Mane-land Follies: 9 racehorses escape from stable in Shanghai

Screengrab via YouTube.
Screengrab via YouTube.

Police in Shanghai managed to stable-ize a potentially disruptive situation last week that saw nine racehorses escape from a facility and participate in an unauthorized public gathering on the city’s streets.

According to a report published on news website Sina on Thursday, the nine horses were spotted trotting along Caolong Highway in Shanghai’s Jinshan District at around 3am last Monday.

In a triumph for the mainland’s mass surveillance apparatus, the Jinshan Public Security Bureau spotted the horses on camera from their headquarters and sent officers to the highway, where they managed to eventually corral the horses by driving slowly alongside them with their sirens and patrol lights turned off.

Police then contacted the owner of a nearby stable, surnamed Lu, who rushed to the scene with some of his staff after confirming that the horses had come from his facility.

The outlet reported that Lu told police the horses managed to escape because one of the stable doors was not locked properly.

In what may have been a copycat incident, on Friday it was reported that a horse toured Tuen Mun after it broke through a fence and escaped from a local riding school.

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