Man refuses to pay sex worker and takes her phone; gets attacked with high heel shoe

Photo: stock image
Photo: stock image

A sex worker and her client were both arrested yesterday after they got into a scuffle over payment… or rather, lack thereof. 

At around 11am yesterday, a 64-year-old man surnamed Lau hired a prostitute surnamed Kong in Yau Ma Tei, Apple Daily reports. The pair went to a nearby hotel on Waterloo Road, but apparently got into a dispute over pricing after having sex.

Lau reportedly refused to settle up and, upon hearing Kong threaten to call the police, took her phone and ran out of the room. Kong chased him, yelling for help along the way, and eventually caught the 64-year-old at Yau Ma Tei MTR Station with the help of passersby.

Once she caught up with Lau, Kong reportedly took off one of her high-heeled shoes and hit the man with it until pulled off him by witnesses. Police officers arrived on the scene to arrest the pair for fighting in a public place.

Both Lau and Kong sustained injuries and were sent to the hospital for treatment.

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