While You Were Sleeping: Rogue stylist chops snoozing woman’s ponytail on bus

Police have arrested a hairstylist for allegedly cutting off a hunk of a woman’s ponytail — while she was sleeping — on a city bus.

The incident took place yesterday at 9am on a double decker bus headed from Kowloon Bay to Aberdeen.

There were about 100 passengers at the time including the female victim, a 25-year-old engineer surnamed Ding, and the aforementioned stylist, a 65-year-old man surnamed Yu.

Eyewitnesses told on.cc that Ding was dozing at the time of the incident and that her ponytail was draped over the back of her seat, and brushing against Yu’s knees.

Irritated, Yu did what any aggrieved and criminally minded stylist would do, he pulled out a pair of shears and cut off about 15 centimeters of Ding’s hair.

Passengers who saw what happened immediately confronted Yu, and woke up Ding, who burst into tears when she found out what had happened.

“You had no right to cut my hair!” she understandably screamed.

The bus driver called the police, and Yu was arrested when the bus stopped at Gloucester Road near Cannon Street on Wan Chai.

The potential charge, should it be levied, would be assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

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