Mainland Follies: Naked man and mistress tied to tree by family as punishment

Screengrab via YouTube.
Screengrab via YouTube.

A woman in Guizhou who discovered her husband had been cheating on her punished him and his purported mistress by forcing them to strip naked and tying them to a tree.

According to the mainland-based news website The Paper, photos and videos of the naked man and woman tied to a tree went viral on mainland social media last week.

The photos circulating online show the couple trying to cover themselves while dozens of passers-by gather around armed with their camera phones. A few police officers can also be seen standing next to the couple.

The Huishui county public security bureau posted on Weibo on Friday that the incident took place at about 5pm on Wednesday.

The naked couple were found by an officer patrolling the Mingtian area in Guizhou province, and police officers arrived at the scene and used their uniforms to cover up the couple.

After a preliminary investigation, officers said that the incident came about as a result of the man’s wife and family taking “drastic measures” following an “emotional dispute.”

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