Kowloon Peak rescuers find stranded 52-year-old man as search for female hiker continues

Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

There’s still no sign of the 25-year-old female hiker who has been missing since Monday evening, but rescuers did find a 52-year-old man who also got lost on the same hiking trail yesterday.

The male hiker surnamed Yeung went to Kowloon Peak yesterday morning at about 11am for a solo hike, but got lost and had to call the police.

He was found by firefighters at about 3pm, perched on a cliff, and was blowing a whistle, Ming Pao reports.

Yeung was found with the help of another male hiker, surnamed Man, who decided to join the search operation for the woman who went missing on Monday, and brought a friend and his drone.

Speaking to on.cc, Man said he had more than 20 years of hiking experience, and was familiar with Kowloon Peak.

He said his group bumped into firefighters unfamiliar with the hiking trail while the latter were searching for the male hiker.

The website reports that Yeung had sent photos to the search team of where he was, and that Man used his drone to confirm Yeung’s location.

Man told reporters that Yeung was found perched on a section of the peak that hikers call “ngor to hang” — which literally translates to “goose belly pit” — which is about 450 meters high, but has a pit that was about 40 meters below where Yeung was.

Yeung was rescued and refused hospital treatment following a simple examination.

The search for the missing female hiker continues.

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