Kite string slices cyclist on the neck

A woman has been left shaken and scarred after being sliced by the string of a “stunt kite” in Tai Po this weekend.

The incident reportedly occurred at around 6pm on Saturday, near Plover Cove Main Dam. Speaking to Oriental Daily, the woman, surnamed Lam, recalls cycling towards Tai Mei Tuk with her front and rear bicycle lights on. She said she clearly remembers seeing a white-shirted man, accompanied another man and a child, flying a huge kite which then fell and struck her off her bicycle. 

After Lam had fallen from the accident, the man in the white shirt apparently rushed to pull her up and said “Could you not report this to the police? I will pay for your medical fees”, but after seeing she was woozy from shock, he said “I wasn’t the person flying the kite, that man already left. I’m just here to help you report this to the police”.

So on top of not flying kites safely, he’s also good at not keeping his story straight. What a pair of skills to have!

A nearby kite shop owner said he believed the kite was a special “stunt kite”, with kite string tension of up to 200 hundred pounds, between 10-20 times the tensile strength of ordinary kites.

While Lam has mostly recovered from her injury, she has been left with a scar about 13-14 centimetres long spanning across her neck. 

Police said that they received reports of a female cyclist falling off her vehicle due to loss of balance, with minor injuries to the hand and neck, and are treating the incident as a traffic accident.

Photo: Oriental Daily/(for illustration) Wikipedia

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