I Smell Bacon: Wild boar wanders into police station in Tsuen Wan, possibly to squeal on someone

This might be our favourite story of the week. A wild boar reportedly wandered into a police station in Tsuen Wan yesterday morning, much to the surprise of the police officers and civilians inside.

A witness surnamed Chan told Apple Daily that he was at the New Territories South Regional Police Headquarters yesterday morning to file a police report when suddenly all eyes turned to the door.

Chan said he turned to look at what he thought would be a VIP, but instead all he saw was a three-foot-long boar “hovering by the entrance”.

It stayed there for a few minutes before activating the door’s automatic sensor and sauntering in, casual as anything.

This would be a foolproof plan if we lived in a parallel universe where boars were known to be scared of desk chairs. Alas. Photo: Facebook

We’d like to think the creature was paying a visit in order to squeal on someone. If we’re being realistic though, it was probably there to chill out in the cool air-conditioned building… something that apparently the police agree with us on.

(Cute post, but who’s going to arrest them for that heinous filter?)

According to Chan, the boar spent 10 minutes happily touring the report room and sniffing things left and right, before officers used two pieces of poster board to gently herd it back outside. 

Later, during lunchtime, what is believed to be the same fearless explorer was found moseying around Tsuen Wan MTR Station, and even tried to boar-d a minibus.

HK01 reports that at least five uniformed and plainclothes officers armed with shields and batons attempted to guide their porcine charge back uphill to no avail.

It was later captured by the Agriculture, Conservation and Fisheries Department, who released it into the wild.


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